Marty Hayes J.D.

The concept of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc. is the idea of the Network’s President Marty Hayes, who, after founding and running a successful firearms training business (The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc.) for many years, chose to address the issues of post shooting legal issues. In 2003, Marty decided to pursue a law degree with the expectation of working in the legal arena, and during this time, the idea of the Network was born. Upon graduation in 2007, he set out to form the structure of the Network, along with working with other top firearms training professionals to ensure the success of the Network.

Marty brings 20 years experience as a professional firearms instructor, 30 years of law enforcement association and his knowledge of the legal profession both as an expert witness and his legal education to the leadership of the Network.

Funded by contributions to:

Armed Citizens' Educational Foundation